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A Nearly Too Late Announcement

I’ve been talking about this on and off on Facebook and Twitter … but it strikes me that I haven’t actually mentioned it HERE on my blog. Guess that shows how I’ve been thinking about mass communication in 140-character bursts recently.

Anyway, the announcement is that I’m moving back to Seattle … and, at this point, I’m doing it very soon.

Between intense deadlines over the last few weeks I’ve ALSO been packing. And in just about ten days, I’ll be closing up the San Diego Stanplex for more-or-less good. (I’ll be back for Comic Con and to visit … but I don’t think I’ll be back in any kind of permanent way in the predictable future.) When I head to Las Vegas for NeonCon, I’ll have already shipped off most of my worldly goods in packing containers … and my car will have just the bare essentials I need to get by doing writing, drawing, and design assignments while I look for a new Seattle Stanplex in which to set up shop.

I should arrive in the Pacific Northwest around November 10th, and I’ll be staying with some friends while I sort out the larger details. (Thanks in advance, Andy & Gwen … I promise to try to be a low-impact house guest.)

This week is going to be filled with a bit of writing and A LOT of packing. I’m way behind schedule in the packing department. So if any of my SoCal friends want to hang out one last time before I go … coming over here and talking, eating, and chatting while I put stuff in boxes is the best bet. (You don’t even really have to help … just help keep me focused!) Drop me a line and let’s talk about the details.

Seattle area friends, I’ll be there before Thanksgiving. Other than meeting my freelance commitments, trying to be a good house guest, and looking for housing AND full-time work … I don’t really have any plans. But I’d sure like to catch up with old friends and get back into the Puget Sound swing of things.

That’s all.

I mean, it’s a lot … and the announcement is coming very suddenly … but it’s just another little life change, in the swing of things. I’ll miss the San Diego area, just the way I’ve missed Seattle since coming down here. It’s been a terrific 5.5 years, and I hope I’ll be able to keep as closely in touch with my friends down here as I have with those I’m returning to.

One of the reasons I feel I’ve led such a blessed life is that even after I leave a place, I still feel like I’ve got friends and connections to the community … and that when I get the chance to come back for a visit, it always feels like a homecoming.

Okay, enough of this blather. These boxes aren’t going to pack themselves!

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