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How I Spent $200 At Comic Con

At the end of last weekend, I took a couple of photos of the loot I brought home from Comic Con. I was on a pretty tight budget, and in the end I was pleased with all the things I resisted buying.

But, looking at my haul, I found it hard to reconcile that relatively self-restrained collection with the fact that I went to the show with $200 and came home with $2. Could that small pile of keepsakes really have cost so much?

The answer turns out to be … OF COURSE NOT! Here is what I REALLY spent most of the money on:

Parking: $20/day Wed & Thu + $25/day Fri & Sat = $90
Gas: $25 to refill the tank on Fri
Food: about $20 in cash (I did spend more for meals, but I paid for that with plastic)

So, in truth, I only spent about $65 on comics, but still, I’m out over $200 all told … and I got into the con for free because I’m an industry professional!

How can ANYONE afford to go to this show?!?

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