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Comic Con: Day 0

I went downtown to pick up my badge for Comic Con, figuring that if I got there an hour or so after the distribution started, I’d miss the crazy “must have it NOWWW” lines. In particular, I thought that because I didn’t have to stand in the general attendee line … I got to go to the Pre-Registered Visiting Professional line.

When I got to the site, I discovered that even THAT line stretched fully HALF the length of the convention center. So into line I went, where I was lucky enough to be standing next to Dan Tibbles, of Bucephalus Games, which meant I had engaging conversation through the course of the line. Major kudos to the folks who run Comic Con, because we moved constantly and swiftly. In the end, I had my badge about 25 minutes later.

The Exhibit Hall was not open yet, so I met up with Jeff Grubb (who’s at the show promoting Guild Wars II and his new novel, Ghosts of Ascalon). We grabbed a quick bite at the Tin Fish (where I expect to spend a great deal of time over the next three days) and then headed in to experience Preview Night.

In ancient times, Preview Night was a time when only exhibitors, visiting professionals, press, and VIP attendees could come in … so they could see the show before all the crowds arrived. In recent years, though, it’s just become an extra 3 or 4 hours of shopping time for anyone who cares to show up. Last year, in fact, it Preview Night was just as crowded as Friday during the day.

This year, I’m happy to report, that it wasn’t QUITE that busy, though the hall was bustling. Jeff and I walked around and explored the far right-hand quarter of the hall … lots of t-shirts, toys, old comics and books, original art, etc. We also visited the Webcomics Pavilion where I introduced Jeff to Brad Guigar and his hilarious Evil, Inc. comic (which really is just Jeff’s speed with it’s superhero theme and constant stream of groan-inducing puns … which makes it just MY speed, too). Meanwhile, I talked to Dave Kellett of Sheldon fame … but I focused on his new sci-fi comic Drive.

Jeff and I also traded introductions to various folks of consequence (in other words, good networking contacts). He introduced me to an editor from Simon & Schuster, I introduced him to the publisher of IDW comics … stuff like that.

When it was done, my feet hurt ALREADY. So before heading over to the show today, I’m stopping off and getting a new pair of Reeboks! Today will mostly be a further exploration of the Exhibit Hall for me … and that means MORE sore feet are in my future.

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