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A Week Early

Well, it looks like the warm weather I predicted for Comic Con won’t come as such a “surprise” after all as things took a turn for the warm yesterday.

We were in the midst of another cloudy, chilly day when suddenly it started raining … and I mean RAINING, like east coast style. Driving rain with huge droplets that splattered noisily and created instant rivers in the gutters. Of course, as such rains go here in the drier west, it didn’t last long (whereas back where I grew up it could rain that hard for hours on end … sometimes even a whole day). After about ten minutes, the rain stopped. Then the sun came out … and very shortly after, the temperature began to rise. Before long, the heat was up in the mid 80s, even here pretty close to the shore.

Today was just the same, sunny and warm ALL day long … and the weather predictions suddenly have switched to nothing but the same for as far out as they dare to forecast.

Already, I hear the same people who were complaining about the “cold” weather we had been having start switching their tunes so they are now complaining about the high humidity we’re now “suffering” through. That’s the trouble with living in one of the most temperate places in the country … any real variation and the natives start whining.

Anyway, I STICK by my prediction that next week the temperature and humidity will spike just in time for the four days of Comic Con … then drop back down to more usual levels. But it would have been COOLER if the change had happened suddenly next Wednesday.

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