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A Prediction For Comic Con

We’ve had an unseasonably chilly spring and summer so far her in SoCal. I’ve kinda liked it. There’s been a lot of cloud cover and temperatures have pretty much not gotten out of the 70s. The long-time locals are beside themselves, but I’m finding it very pleasant weather.

I’m going to make a prediction about the weather, though. In ten days, when the guests for Comic Con begin to arrive, the temperature is going to SPIKE. We’ll have days in the 90s with uncommonly high humidity. And the same people who are complaining now about the chilly conditions will be whining unbearably about the sweltering ones.

Why do I predict this?

Because it’s been my observation over the past 5 years that the hottest week of the year almost invariably is the one during which Comic Con is held. It’s happened EVERY year, no matter what the rest of the weather pattern is.

So, for those of you who are going to be coming down here at the end of the month, pack your suitcases according to what the weather map says … but be sure to ALSO bring along plenty of light-weight, comfortable clothes, too. And when you’re walking through the Gaslamp District looking for a place to eat that has some air conditioning … remember that I told you so!

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