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Watching Some, Hearing Others

Living near the coast in Southern California, there are an awful lot of fireworks shows that go on each July 4th. However, living on the eastern side of a ridge about 10 miles inland, I can’t see many of them from my balcony. I can HEAR them. Indeed, I can hear at least four different shows (including Legoland and the Del Mar Fair) … but other than light reflected on the clouds overhead (it’s been a cool, chilly summer so far), I can’t see any of those.

If I look to the north or to the east, though, I can see plenty of fireworks, in particular those from Camp Pendleton and the town of Escondido. But they’re far enough away that I can’t hear any of those explosions (or their sounds are drowned out by the ones from Legoland).

I just spent the last 15 minutes or so standing out on the walkway with my downstairs neighbor, a retired military demolitions expert, watching some fireworks and listening to others … and getting his professional opinion on them all.

It wasn’t quite as awesome a sight as what we used to get from the deck on Monte & Sue’s old place in Renton, where we could see the whole west ridge of the valley dancing with lights from a seemingly endless string of town fireworks shows. THOSE were some pretty impressive displays. But this one was fun, too.

And, like in Renton, when it was all over I just slid open the screen door and went back inside. No hassling with the crowds and traffic.

Now that’s MY kind of Independence Day celebration!

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