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Getting Ready Is The Hardest Part

I’m getting ready to go to Seattle for Paizo Con this coming weekend … and at this point I really NEED the break it’s going to give me! In order to be able to spend a week or so traveling, visiting friends, and attending the show, I’ve had a fortnight of “crunch time” making sure that all of my various freelance projects are done (or in the state they’re supposed to be), my aspects of Super Genius Games are ship shape, my apartment is squared away, that I have all of the different materials I’ll need at the con, and that everyone who needs to know about my plans does.

And, even with all that crunch time, I can’t say that I got it all done.

I spent the better part of today working on materials for the con and for my web sites. I still haven’t finished packing. And I’ve only directly contacted a handful of people to let them know that I’m going to be in town.

Actually, that last part is kind of okay. I’ve got very little free time scheduled during this trip. I think it’s probably best if I stay flexible with how I’m going to use it. Still, I DO want to try to get together for a couple of meals with people … and not everyone’s schedule is as flexible as mine.

Oh well. Can’t worry about that right now. I just got chased out of my house for a few minutes by an earthquake … and I’ve STILL got packing to do!

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