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SUMO: 2018 Kyushu Basho (Day 13)

We’ve reached Friday the thirteenth day of the tournament (it just so happens that Day 13 of every basho lands on a Friday). Komusubi Takakeisho still has only one loss and is atop the leaderboard, but two of the rikishi trailing him—M9 Daieisho and M12 Aoiyama—lost on Thursday, leaving only ozeki Takayasu in second place. […]

DINOvember: Dino Fight II

In honor of Black Friday shopping nastiness, here is DinoFight II: Stegosaurus vs. actual turkey-sized Velociraptors.

DINOvember: Bonus Process Video

I had so much fun making today’s comic that I thought I’d share a process video with everyone. Thank you for all your support during this month of dinosaur comics, and all year ’round!

SUMO: 2018 Kyushu Basho (Day 12)

Day 12 of this basho ALSO happens to be Thanksgiving here in the States, and I have a lot of food prep work to do before our feast, so this will be a very short commentary. Luckily, though, not much has changed since yesterday. Komusubi Takakeisho is still alone atop the leaderboard with a 10–1 […]

DINOvember: Prehistoric Thanksgiving

Today’s DINOvember drawing is ALSO the first new 10’x10′ Toon comic since 2014! So yeah, that’s something to be thankful for.

SUMO: 2018 Kyushu Basho (Day 11)

As we hit Day 11 of the Kyushu Basho, the tournament is now two-thirds in the books and our leader is still komusubi Takakeisho. One loss behind him remain the same four rikishi—ozeki Takayasu, M9 Daieisho, M12 Aoiyama, and M13 Onosho.  As I predicted a few days ago, Aoiyama and Onosho continue to have an […]

DINOvember: Dilophosaurus

Jurassic Park got it wrong. Diliphosaurus didn’t have neck fringes or spit poison. But it did have head crests and a winning smile.

SUMO: 2018 Kyushu Basho (Day 10)

It’s Day 10 of the Kyushu Basho, and komusubi Takakeisho remains alone atop the leaderboard with an 8–1 record. The number of rikishi one loss him has been reduced down to four—ozeki Takayasu, M9 Daieisho, M12 Aoiyama, and M13 Onosho. Takakeisho pulled out all the stops yesterday in his match against ozeki Tochinoshin, who he […]

DINOvember: Troodon

Looking very skittish because he’s afraid he’ll be mistaken for a prehistoric turkey!

SUMO: 2018 Kyushu Basho (Day 9)

Week 2 of the Kyushu basho kicks off with komusubi Takakeisho having reclaimed sole possession of the top of the leaderboard. He’s 7–1 and immediately followed by a half-dozen rikishi at 6–2—ozeki Takayasu, M2 Tochiozan, M7 Abi, M9 Daieisho, M12 Aoiyama, and M13 Onosho. Takakeisho continued to look strong and calm as he beat M1 […]