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JAPANESE TV ADS: Crazy Makes The Future!

It’s a new year . . . and time for the first two-week recap of bizarre commercials fresh off Japanese TV! This first 2017 volume includes: • The perfect motto for 2017, presented by Cup Noodle—”Crazy Makes the Future!” (Just repeat this to yourself whenever you hear breaking news about the Trump administration.) • Godzilla vs. Soft […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho Senshuraku [Final Day] (Day 15)

It’s senshuraku [the final day] of the 2017 Hatsu Basho! Man, that fortnight went quickly! And here on Day 15 we already know the outcome of the yusho [tournament championship] race. With his win yesterday over M13 Ichinojo, and yokozuna Hakuho’s loss to M10 Takanoiwa, ozeki Kisenosato has guaranteed himself his first ever tournament victory!  […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho (Day 14)

Here we go . . . Day 14 of the Hatsu Basho . . . just today and tomorrow and we’ll have our yusho champion . . . and the immediate contenders are down to two. Ozeki Kisenosato continues to lead with a 12–1 record, and yokozuna Hakuho trails him by one with an 11–2 […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho (Day 13)

Here we are, entering the final weekend of the 2017 Hatsu Basho, and we’ve got a real barn burner of a race for the yusho [tournament championship]. Ozeki Kisenosato continues to hold on to his one-win lead over yokozuna Hakuho, M10 Takanoiwa, and M13 Ichinojo. M10 Sokokurai stumbled yesterday and now is with the not […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho (Day 12)

Day 12 of the Hatsu Basho, and for the first time in several days we have no major changes to the leaderboard. Kisenosato remains the sole leader at 10–1, with Hakuho, Takanoiwa, Sokokurai, and Ichinojo one win off the pace.  Perhaps the luckiest rikishi yesterday was ozeki Kotoshogiku who is both kadoban [threatened with ozeki […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho (Day 11)

Day 11 of the Hatsu Basho brings the leaderboard back into something closer to what seems normal . . . but still I don’t think anyone is going to be “certain” of anything for the rest of the tournament. Ozeki Kisenosato seemed to have soothed his jangled nerves with his win over injury-plagued ozeki Terunofuji, […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho (Day 10)

Is it okay to start off two posts in a row with a slack-jawed “Holy cats!” I HOPE so because . . . HOLY CATS!!! Of all the possible scenarios I imagined at the start of yesterday’s matches, this was not one of them: Kisenosato loses, Hakuho loses, and all but one of the lower-ranked […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho (Day 9)

Holy cats! What a difference a day makes! Day 9, the start of Week 2 of the Hatsu Basho kicks off with a lone rikishi undefeated atop the leaderboard . . . and it’s ozeki Kisenosato! To say that Hakuho’s loss yesterday was a surprise is a vast understatement. He was facing M2 Arawashi for […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho—Nakabi [The Middle Day] (Day 8)

It’s nakabi [the middle day] . . . Day 8 of the Hatsu Basho and we have the very familiar situation of yokozuna Hakuho and ozeki Kisenosato being unbeaten and tied atop the leaderboard. Meanwhile, although they aren’t on top of the pile, allow me to take a few paragraphs to talk about other rikishi […]

SUMO: 2017 Hatsu Basho (Day 7)

It’s Day 7 of the Hatsu Basho [New Year’s Tournament], and we enter the middle weekend with a very familiar set of circumstances—yokozuna Hakuho and ozeki Kisenosato are tied atop the leaderboard as the only two remaining unbeaten rikishi. All three of the rank-and-file rikishi who were tied with them lost yesterday, leaving just the […]